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Please excuse our appearance, this section is currently under contruction.

In the near future, we expect to post the most complete history of Kappa Sigma Kappa ever compiled. Please do check back at a later date.

For now, we leave you with some artifacts that have their place in our great fraternity's history.

1. First known copy of the Iris magazine
George R. Jefferson (Grand Executive Secretary 1937 - 1975) had founded the Iris magazine. The first released copy was in 1947. In our archives we found the first sketches, composed in pencil, and on brown sketch type paper material.
2. Found! Coat of Arms on a 1746 Grave Stone

We are still working over this one... it has always been stated that much of Kappa Sigma Kappa's "Coat of Arms" could be found on an old gravestone. However, since the 1800's, nobody could ever find the gravestone. One of our research projects will be to locate any possible links between the gentlemen's family tree associations and our founding fathers.



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